The payment factory CashPooler is a comprehensive payment and bank communication platform, able to deal with huge volumes of transactions, of any kind.

To fulfill the last and future treasurers’ needs, the payment software now provides new complementary modules and add-ons, such as eBAM module, SEPA mandate management module and banking mobility module.

eBAM Module

CashPooler eBAM module enables the full management of eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management) and BAM (Bank Account Management) operations, that is to say contracts and agreements made with the banking establishments, and signature delegations.

SEPA Mandate Management Module

Since SEPA enabled the democratization of payment factories in large groups, the leading payment factory CashPooler has of course included the management of SEPA mandates in its features, allowing users to manage as well paper mandates as electronic mandates, but also the whole lifetime and statuses of any mandate.

Banking Mobility Module

The banking mobility module sticks to the French laws ordering banks and groups to facilitate private individuals’s bank account switching.