This page is an introduction to the various features of the new CashSolutions module of banking mobility (bank switching) management. It has been developed to meet the needs related to the Hamon and Macron laws, dealing with helping private individuals in moving accounts from a bank to another in France.

These laws order banks and payment service providers, from February 6th 2017 on, to:

  • Handle the new bank mobility flows on transfers and direct debits of private individuals within 10 days
  • Update the bank contact details in professional software
  • Let the customers know about the update.

Bank switching Management – Module Operating

This module receives the bank switching messages, then saves them in the database in order to handle them.

Once in the database, the files are exported to the upstream applications through one or several export interfaces. This export updates the status of the bank switching message in CashSolutions to show the messages being processed.

The full cycle of a bank switching  message in CashSolutions can be summarized like this:

  1. Receipt of bank switching  messages
  2. Processing of bank switching  messages
  3. Export of bank switching  messages to upstream applications
  4. File import from upstream applications after the processing of the bank switching messages
Cycle of banking mobility

Source: CFONB

Example of functioning

The following case, for instance, can be handled by the CashSolutions module:

  1. The bank sends a CAI file containing a banking mobility (bank switching) message for the customer’s bank account ID FR7600000000000000000000000 which becomes FR7699999999999999999999999.
  2. An import interface for CAI file enables the import of the bank switching  message in CashPooler and the retrieving of Payment information which led to this bank switching  message.
  3. The file is imported with the “Received” status and the bank switching  message can be viewed in the application at any moment.
  4. An export scheduled at a fixed time generates an Excel file (or any other format), which is to be integrated in the upstream systems. The status of the bank mobility message goes to “Processing”.
  5. The upstream system integrates the data and will generate:
    • A payment file with the new customer’s bank account ID FR7699999999999999999999999 (previously FR7600000000000000000000000)
    • A file enabling the update of the bank switching  message
Schema of Banking Mobility Message

Schema of Banking Mobility Message