Cash Management: Approach and Tasks

The term “cash management” does not have the very same meaning whether it is used in the field of bank or within groups (large companies).

In a company, cash management deals with the management and optimization of financial flows of the entity or group. The bank accounts are analyzed as well to analyze the financial activity over a period as to achieve optimal deals and cash investments, and to carry out, if necessary, intercompany clearing transactions. Such actions are very often done through a cash management software like CashValue and automatic cashpooling.

In the banking business, cash management refers to all the services and advice aiming at solving a financial problem for the development of management solutions by experts. The latter use of IT tools (cash reporting software) to get an overview of cash and / or financial activity over time and make short, medium and long-term forecasts. These measuring instruments can take the form of tables, charts, curves or graphics.