CashCom is the bank communication module used in the CashSolutions treasury software suite. It allows secured file sending and receives account statements and any other file or message from the banks, then dispatches them to software and/or users when scheduled.
This program uses the main bank communication protocols of the business field:

  • EBICS: Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard is a French / German protocol. The aim of EBICS is to standardize the bank communications in the whole Europe/SEPA zone. EBICS use HTTPS over Internet to send and receive data. This protocol replaces former ETEBAC 3 and 5 protocols.
  • Swift FIN: this mail service transfers financial data in batch mode, in a controlled, secure and reliable way. It is used by more than 8,000 financial institutions in over 200 countries. Financial data are also called “MT message”. There is a lot of MT message types (MT101, MT940, MT210…) created for different purposes.
  • Swift FileAct: this protocol is secured by the “3Skey tokens” and enables the sending of any filetype without any volume limit. Mainly used for payment to suppliers, Swift FileAct needs a component called “RA Client”. CashCom takes charge of sending the “orders” and the file to the RA client, which negotiates the upload of the file.

CashCom supports any other protocol, such as FTP/SFTP, Swift FTA, Swift Accord…

Bank communication scheme