The CashSolutions software (collection and payment factory, liquidity and cash management, account reconciliation and management of financial transactions and associated risks) provides a comprehensive finance software range:

  • access to the application via a simple Web browser
  • centralised implementation (not implemented at subsidiaries)
  • an import-export engine for any format
  • secure management of all transactions
  • a unique data repository, shared by each application
  • a Licence or SaaS* package
  • quick and easy implementation of a new software programme in the line
  • a package adapted to each need and type of company
  • full compliance with laws and regulations, including financial (AML/CFT module, KYC, MIFID II…) and provisions for the protection of personal data (GDPR)

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The CashSolutions Range

Centralised payment and collection


As the first full Web collections and payments platform, i.e. Payment Factory, CashPooler offers the following advantages:

  • highly secure software package
  • powerful import/export module that can manage all formats
  • manages SEPA direct debit mandates (SDD)
  • distributes statements of account
  • customisable order validation and signature workflow
  • EBICS, SWIFTNet (FIN and FileAct, Lite and via service bureau) connection
  • secure transfers and decreased risks of fraud

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For more details, go to our payment centralisation and payment factory software page.

Treasury Management


The CashValue full Web cash management system offers the following advantages:

  • multi-criteria and multi-dimensional cash position sheet
  • advanced and intuitive management of current accounts
  • entries recognised automatically
  • dynamic management of balances and accounts outstanding
  • verification of fees and interest ladders
  • bank accounts pooled automatically
  • revenues distributed by bank or by each flow in the company’s revenues

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Bank Reconciliation


CashMatching bank reconciliation software offers the following advantages:

  • rules can be configured without restriction for all types of reconciliation
  • reconciliation scenarios can be configured by accounts, banks, companies, etc.
  • manual reconciliation can be customised with specific and global filters, sorts and searches
  • reconciliations can be automated intelligently, by scenario, at a fixed or variable time, repetitive, etc.
  • automatic reconciliation engine attains maximum rates
  • manual reconciliation processes are optimised
  • multi-destination reports (accounting, management control, management, etc.)

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Management of Financial Operations and Associated Risks


CashRisk management software for financial risks and transactions offers the following advantages:

  • dynamic management of financial transactions and FX and interest rate positions
  • control of FX, interest rate and counterparty risks
  • total separation between the decision-making, administrative and control functions
  • multi-instrument FX transactions: spots, transactions for forward delivery, FX swaps, etc.
  • multi-instrument rates (Loans/Deposits and Derivatives): mono/multi-periods, fixed or floating (variable or adjustable) rates, amortisations, bonds, interest rate swaps, negotiable debt securities, etc.
  • accounting entries generated automatically
  • secure and traceable transactions

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For more details, go to our financial operation and risk management software page.
CashRisk is also part of the TMS Treasury Line (Treasury Management System).

Bank accounts and bank mandates managed electronically - eBAM module

eBAM Module

A new CashSolutions module for standard (BAM) and electronic (eBAM) management of bank accounts and authorized signatories is now available.

Unique in the eBAM market, the CashSolutions eBAM module can manage natively, import and export all of a company’s account data and automate exchanges with banks in a few clicks.

New Markets

Conceived for the treasury departments and financial services of major groups and large corporations, the CashSolutions software has evolved so the broadest range of companies can take advantage of its strengths and new continents adopt it without any limits on flows, banks, entities, accounts, etc.

Licence mode or SaaS mode

CashSolutions is available in:

  • Licence mode: installation on a company server, annual maintenance and purchase cost based on the number of users and flows

  • SaaS mode: installation at the vendor/hosting service provider (maintenance included) and quarterly subscription based on the number of users and flows

Other solutions

In addition to CashSolutions and its integrated software, DataLog Finance offers 2 modules that are now fully included in CashValue:

  • the reports of the former cash and treasury reporting software package, CashReport, for short, medium and long-term liquidity forecasts, can now be viewed, set and used in CashValue
  • the former intragroup netting software package, CashNetting, to optimise netting (cash-pooling between the group’s subsidiaries), is now the netting module of the cash management software CashValue

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