Managing the risks of Front to Back market transactions

CashRisk is a financial transaction and risk management solution that can trace changes in the workflow of the transactions carried out.

Its unique Front to Back approach to financial markets makes it possible:

  • to combine the decision-making, administrative and control functions in one application while ensuring total impermeability between each of them

  • for each category of users to see just the information that is useful to them

  • optimum hedging management

  • for participants to intervene just on the scope of their profession and their duties

  • to surgically manage FX risks and interest rate risks

All modules of the software are also fully integrated into the smart TMS Treasury Line for the management of all financial operations of the group.

Multi-FX and interest rate instruments

CashRisk provides Treasurers with a clear view of their exposure to FX risks and interest rate risks. It enables them to adapt their strategy in order to optimise risk management and integrate, in particular, interest rate instruments on loans and deposits:

  • mono et multi-periods

  • fixed rate, variable rate and adjustable rate

  • discount rate or face value plus interest

  • simple/compound interest

  • redeemable

  • interest only

  • etc.

The software package also manages many FX instruments, such as:

  • spot FX

  • FX forward

  • FX swap

  • etc.

Détails d'une transaction FX spot

Details of a FX spot transaction

Financial transactions and automated processes

The secure application naturally recovers market data on the fly and integrates them in order to generate curves and simulations.

CashRisk dynamically manages the FX and interest rate positions and can:

  • create simulation scenarios for interest rate instruments

  • view spot prices with real interest rates for FX

Finally, the software can automatically recognise financial transactions and exhaustively trace, audit and historise actions and flows.

Configuration flexibility

Each deal can be defined manually, based on pre-configured models or recovered automatically by import in the application via CashSolutions’ multi-format import-export engine.

The workflows can be configured by management entity, product type and any other defined parameter by a filter. Administrators can also configure actions and statuses as needed so the workflow can be adapted to all potential organisations.

Exemple de workflow Prêt Emprunt

Example of a Loan-Deposit workflow

The print statements (i.e.; reports or records) can also be customised without limit and they comply with the EMIR regulations.

Solution can be integrated in a global system

Suited to any structure, CashRisk can be integrated in CashSolutions, the multi-profession suite aimed at treasury and finance professions, thanks to its unique data repository, which is still an exception in the specialised solutions market.

Consequently CashPooler, the centralised payment platform, can display the items created via CashRisk without any additional configuration or manipulation.

The CashValue liquidity management system and the CashMatching reconciliation software are the other components of the line.

Besides, CashRisk is also a part of the core of Treasury Line, our smart Treasury Management System, comprehensive treasurer software.

Dedicated software package

Intended primarily for major groups, CashRisk is:

  • available in SaaS mode (Software as a Service > implementation and technical maintenance managed by the distributor) or License mode (the company’s technological choices installed at the customer’s offices)

  • accessible from a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)