Available in  CashValue

Now fully integrated in the cash management software CashValue, the netting module CashNetting manages intra-group transfers and compensation.

Intra-Group Netting

CashNetting rationalizes and speeds up intra-group transfers via:

  • a great organisational flexibility: the software adapts all netting systems
  • a centralized and light roll-out: no installation in subsidiaries
  • a simplified set up and an easy administration
  • the possibility to make transitional validations and consolidations

The software meets the following expectations:

  • display and monitor all the netting stages
  • rationalize and reduce the costs of intra group transactions and payments
  • manage information and access real time financial data

First Web Intra Group Netting and Invoice Software

Now a native part of the cash management software CashValue, CashNetting was the first Full Web software package designed for netting intra-group transfers. Developed in Java, it works with all market browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer™, Mozilla Firefox™, etc.), only software prerequisite for subsidiaries.

A Relieved Roll-Out

The technical architecture of a Web application means that no installation is necessary in the subsidiary. The application is installed on the central server. It can be accessed by the subsidiaries as soon as they connect to the server.

Real-time access to information 

The subsidiaries work directly with the central database via the Group’s Intranet or, where applicable, via the Internet. This system ensures that subsidiaries have instant access to information.

A Flexible Solution

CashNetting adapts to the netting model chosen by the group:

  • Setting up several netting paths
  • Defining several reference rates for a single currency
  • Defining the detail level

A Management Adapted To Your Netting Schedule

The netting takes place in several stages and according to your schedule:

  • Invoices sent to the suppliers’ subsidiaries
  • Systematic data checking: the invoices with anomalies are sent back to the supplier’s entity
  • Response of the customers subsidiaries: acceptance or rejection of payment demands
  • Dispute treatment by the suppliers’ subsidiaries and transmission of information to the central treasury
  • Definition of “netted ” amounts
  • Bank transfers generated by the central treasury

Software Package in the Core of Your Information System

CashNetting has a file import/export function which communicates with other applications in your group, and makes easier the implementation of interfaces with upstream (accounting) and downstream software (treasury, bank communication…).

CashNetting perfectly fits your company’s  financial information system and keeps the data input uniqueness by avoiding tedious multiple inputs. A duplicate control and the highlight of non-homogeneous entries regarding imported files exclude any possibility of error.


CashNetting respects the ergonomic and browsing standards in force for Web applications. Assistance can also be personalized by the Group. In this way, subsidiaries can obtain a reminder of procedures to be respected at the time of data input.

Lower Administrative Costs

The Web application architecture reduces administrative work thanks to centralization of deployment and updating tasks. This leads to a substantial reduction of administrative costs, particularly in comparison with those linked to traditional application management.

An Optimal Security

CashNetting ensure optimal security by:

  • Double-administration system defines and controls the rights of each user and the validation rules
  • Access to software modules is logged. The log lists actions and modifications. Moreover, only authorized users can access CashNetting database (login and password authentication)
  • Integrity and data confidentiality, CashNetting has the best sealing and encryption systems in the market

To protect data, CashNetting leans on standards such as SSL (the reference in securing financial transactions via Internet).

Development Solidity 

CashNetting was developed in Java. This gives it the most reliable technical architecture for the Internet. Data are stored in a relational database that is open to all analysis and operating systems (Business Objects™, Seagate Crystal Reports™, Jasper Reports™, Cognos™, etc.).