Bank reconciliation

The CashMatching bank reconciliation software is equipped with an engine that can automate the reconciliation of all entries that could be reconciled (accounting entries, bank entries, etc.).

The application maximises the automatic reconciliation rate and ensures optimal productivity and timesavings

All types of flows

CashMatching’s reconciliation can be configured without limit. Consequently the system, which recognises all field and file formats, is able to reconcile everything that can logically be “reconciled.”

The account reconciliation in CashMatching can be based, depending on the Group’s internal procedures, on a multitude of scenarios comprised of an unlimited number of criteria and rules (reconciliation 1-1, reconciliation with or without aggregations –1 or several entries reconciled with 1 or more entries from another flow, etc.) and combined using Boolean and/or mathematic operators.

Customised reconciliation automation

Reconciliations can be either:

  • manual: you reconcile entries (e.g. set aside) or easily un-reconcile matched entries

  • semi-automatic: a simple click launches predefined scenarios

  • automated: an automaton launches the reconciliation of entries on scheduled days at scheduled times

Reconciliation – Segregations

Reconciliation – Segregations

Each configuration includes the possibility to simulate, propose and manage reconciliation variances.

A few advantages

CashMatching lets you:

  • decrease the number of entries reconciled manually

  • decrease the risks of reconciliation errors

  • manage large volumes quickly

  • benefit from advanced manual reconciliation help functions

  • manage automatic variance adjustments intelligently

  • benefit from a totally secure system accessible from a Web browser

  • manage totally customised statements of reconciliation

Reconciliation statement filter

Reconciliation statement filter

Integrated module

CashMatching can be integrated in CashSolutions without any special configuration thanks to the data repository shared by each module in the line:

  • CashPooler: payment and collection platform

  • CashValue: daily cash management system

  • CashRisk: management software for financial transactions, interest rate and FX risks

Consequently, CashMatching can use the data in each software programme for the account reconciliation transactions and recover just the account application data via its import-export module that manages all types of files and formats.

Tailor-made application

Suited to major groups and smaller companies, CashMatching is:

  • available in SaaS mode (no installation onsite) or License mode (fast installation independent of the company’s technological choices)

  • accessible from a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)