Designed for Group Treasurers, Treasury Line (sometimes called TLine) is an innovative Treasury Management System (TMS). Treasury Line provides today’s treasurers with a comprehensive tool dedicated to short, middle and long term management of liquidities, financial operations and associated risks.

 Cash Management Treasury, Liquidity and Cash Flow Management

Genuine treasury ERP, Treasury Line TMS offers any features expected by the decision-maker:

Financing Fundings / Investments, FX, Rate, Commodities…

Treasury Line leans on a new, straightforward Front to Payment approach, gathers the functions of decision-making (Front Office), control (Middle Office) and administration (Back Office) and keeps a full separation between them.

Deal Creation (financial transaction)

Deal Creation

It includes in real time the essential functions of a TMS:

  • liquidity and rate gaps
  • FX positions
  • security position
  • valuation
  • P&L (accrual closing, economic and accounting Profit and Loss…)
  • risk calculation

In addition to its capability to automate and its task scheduler, the treasury management system has a large instrumental coverage:

  • foreign exchange (spot, FX forward, Non delivery Forward, FX swap, Vanilla…)
  • rate (mono et multi-period, swap, cancellable swap, Fra, Future…)
  • fixed income security (Bonds, Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposit, Issuance, Purchase/Sale, Repurchase…)
  • mutual funds
  • commodities (possible retrieval of external data related to Soft and Hard contract)

Risk Management of Risks Associated to the Financial Operations

Treasury Line manages the types of market and credit risks via the following indicators:

  • Greeks
  • Value at risk
  • Potential Future Exposure (PFE)

Front to back Front to Back / to Book / to Payment Approach

Through it unique Front to Back / to Book / to Payment philosophy, Treasury Line :

  • generates a higher productivity thanks to task automation (STP via workflows)
  • offers a consolidated and centralized visibility of the positions
  • delivers an unequalled control and audit level
  • enables the automatic accounting of the entries
  • ensures the communication with the banks (SWIFTNet, eBICS), including SWIFT gpi

Compliance EMIR, IAS / FAS… Compliance

The Treasury Line TMS gives the accountants an absolute IAS / FAS (IFRS) compliance via the following features:

  • double/triple generation of accounting entries (several accounting plans are taken into account)
  • hedge efficiency tests (IAS 39, FAS133…)
  • regular reportings (IFRS9, IFRS13, ASC 718…)

To meet the regulations and give its users the EMIR compliance, Treasury Line leans on:

  • the trade repository report
  • collateral management
  • the SWIFT confirmations
  • stock and flow reconciliation

Treasury Line also has an AML/CFT module to meet the compliance needs in terms of financial laws, and is GDPR compliant (European rules related to personal data treatment).

Available in licence, hosted or SaaS mode, Treasury Line guarantees optimal security and absolute reliability, enabling the TMS market to step into a new dimension.

The mobile version of the TMS Treasury Line is available on Android (TLine App) and on iPhone (TLine App iOS).

A light version of Treasury Line, called TreasuryLite, is also available. This treasury information system is designed to meet the needs of the mid market companies. You may analyse both offers in this TMS comparison.