Cash management

The cash management software CashValue instantly provides the treasurer with the information he needs to manage his cash position on a daily basis and to make his arbitrations and forecasts.

The liquidity management software, equipped with the most powerful functionalities in the market, gives you the ability to:

  • generate multi-criteria and multi-dimensional cash position sheets
  • perform advanced and intuitive management of current accounts
  • automatically recognise entries
  • automatic intra-group netting
  • dynamically generate balances and accounts outstanding
Screenshot of a liquidity report

Screenshot of a liquidity report

Automatic data loading

Its powerful CashCom bank communication module (any protocol) and import-export module (any format) can automatically load the CashValue database from internal sources (ERP, payment platform, etc.) and external sources (banks, financial information, etc.).

The CashValue TMS requires few entries and makes room for decision making and analyses.

Control of banking conditions

CashValue authorises an advanced and exhaustive control of all banking conditions.

It can calculate the interest ladders for bank accounts (including the retroactive values of entries that arrived subsequently) and current accounts.

CashValue doesn’t just control the coherence of the balances and value dates, it also controls the bank fees, irrespective of the kind (unit expenses or commission rate included, based on several levels and tranches).

Rationalised cash management

CashValue lets you display the positions of each subsidiary and then automatically make a cash pooling of your bank accounts.


Cash pooling screenshot

Cash pooling screenshot

In addition the system can distribute revenues by bank or distribute each flow in the company’s revenues.

This way the Treasurer’s daily tasks are centralised and simplified.


Thanks to the unique CashSolutions database, CashValue can be connected to its modules without any additional configuration:

  • collections-payments (CashPooler)
  • account reconciliation (CashMatching)
  • management of interest rate and FX risks (CashRisk)

Consequently, CashValue constitutes the most comprehensive integrated cash management solution.

Tailor-made solution

CashValue is designed both for major groups and mid-market cash management departments. It has many advantages and alternatives:

  • SaaS mode (no installation on your premises) or License mode (fast implementation and installation adapted to any IT organisation)
  • accessible from Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • customisable workflow that adapts to the company’s internal procedures