Reporting and Treasury Forecasts

CashReport ensures:

  • the lowering of reporting delay via the Web
  • the automatic consolidation for the reportings
  • standard and customized analyses (report generator)
  • reliable information, that can’t be modified after validation

The software meets the following expectations:

  • real time access to subsidiaries financial data
  • liquidity follow up and risk control (FX, rate, counterpart… )
  • reporting generation and decision support

The First Full Web Treasury Reporting Software

CashReport is the first Cash Reporting software package designed for the Internet. Developed in Java, it works with all market browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer™, Mozilla Firefox™, etc.).

No Deployment in the Subsidiary

The technical architecture of a Web application means that no installation is necessary in the subsidiary. The application is installed on the central server. It can be accessed by the subsidiaries as soon as they connect to the server.

Real Time Access to Information 

The subsidiaries work directly with the central database via the Group’s Intranet or, where applicable, via the Internet. This system ensures that subsidiaries have instant access to information.

Lower Administrative Costs

The Web application architecture reduces administrative work thanks to centralization of deployment and updating tasks. This leads to a substantial reduction of administrative costs, particularly in comparison with those linked to traditional application management.

User Friendliness

CashReport respects the ergonomic and browsing standards in force for Web applications. Assistance can also be personalized by the Group. In this way, subsidiaries can obtain a reminder of procedures to be respected at the time of data input.

A Flexible Solution

CashReport adapts to the requirements of group treasurers. It is designed to enable central treasury departments to personalize their treasury reporting. The system’s flexibility is mainly based on the following factors:

  • Type of information (value-dated position, foreign exchange position, net cash position, cash budget, etc.)
  • Level of detail desired. For example, subsidiaries can report the detailed value-dated position per flow, per bank, or more generally, per subsidiary. In the same way, the financial position can be detailed per operation or per bank
  • Reporting frequency. No element is fixed. Some tables can be reported daily and others weekly or monthly, quarterly or even annually.
  • Configuration of common data is done at central level (counterparties, currencies, rates, etc.)

Personalized Analysis 

CashReport has a Report Generator which can be used to complement standard management charts with analyses that are more specific to the requirements of each group..


With its powerful file converter, CashReport considerably simplifies interfacing with any other software in the subsidiaries and at central level. As such, no re-entry is needed in order to import the treasury software data (account statements, value-dated positions, net cash position, cash budget, etc.).

CashReport combines perfectly with the company’s financial information system, thus avoiding double entries and the associated risks of error.

Our treasury reporting tool can be fully integrated into CashValue, cash management software.

Development Solidity – Open Relational Database 

CashReport was developed in Java. This gives it the most reliable technical architecture for the Internet. Data are stored in a relational database that is open to all analysis and operating systems (Business Objects™, Seagate Crystal Reports™, Jasper Reports™, Cognos™, etc.).


For data protection, CashReport uses standards like SSL (the reference for secured commercial and financial transactions via the Internet) in addition to the software’s functional security.