Software packages for finance departments

DataLog Finance designs, develops, markets and implements its management software packages for the finance department professions. They enable you to send financial information in real time and therefore provide better control and increased predictability of your financial flows.

After the payment factory, cash reporting and netting, DataLog Finance expanded full Web dynamic and secure financial flow management to all finance department professions: liquidities management, financial transaction management (FX risk, interest rate risk), bank reconciliation, management of SEPA mandates, electronic bank account and authorization management (eBAM), etc.

Innovation serving the treasury professions

DataLog Finance’s innovative approach has led to a new class of applications. The CashSolutions applications suite makes it easier to access essential financial information needed to manage cash and transactions.

It is based on 5 pillars:

  • increased security in managing communications: a trace log, tight management of bank mandates and electronic signatures, encryption and integrity locking of data and transmissions, etc.
  • independence vis-à-vis the company’s IT choices
  • total adaptation to the group’s organisational constraints: CashSolutions software allows very advanced configuration
  • use of the Internet (full Web software accessible from a simple Web browser) for optimal flexibility and efficiency
  • a unique data repository in CashSolutions