Close to treasurers, our team is the partner of finance departments from the project definition to the operational launch. The different DataLog Finance sections stand by your side to ensure the project is completely successful.

Treasury Expertise


The sales team analyses the company’s needs and accompanies it during the technical and functional workshops. It defines with the company the contractual framework governing the collaboration between DataLog Finance and the customer, as well as the project’s specific characteristics.

Research and Development

The development engineers continuously monitor and pay attention to the needs of treasurers in order to improve the tools and offer new functionalities in the new versions of the software package.


The consulting department helps you manage your project and implement the system. It trains your employees, ensures the software is functionally up-to-date and continues to listen to you for any other needs.


Our incident reporting system ensures fast responsiveness in case of a problem and enables the support team to intervene as quickly as possible and to answer any questions.