Payment factory: a revolutionary solution

Finance profession experts, who were aware of groups’ new treasury needs and who had major experience in software engineering, created DataLog Finance in 1997.

An innovator, DataLog Finance specialised in the development of applications for major groups’ treasury departments, offering the first full Web payment and collection factory platform, CashPooler, in 2003, paired with CashCom, its bank communication module.

Solutions for all treasurer professions

Since its creation, DataLog Finance, a limited liability company with share capital of €250,000, has positioned itself beside Treasurers in order to better address their issues.

With their help, a comprehensive line was developed, offering payment factory, cash management, bank reconciliation and management of interest rate and FX risks.

Its flexible and customisable solutions, which are easy to implement and independent of a company’s technical choices, have enabled DataLog Finance to meet the requirements of major international groups like: IBM, AXA, Orange, Danone, Hachette, Airbus Group (formerly EADS), Thales, etc.

Attracted by the quality of the transmission of data flows and the sharing of intragroup information, by optimal management and communication security, and by a unique ability to manage very large volumes of data, they have made DataLog Finance the French leader in Cash Management software for large companies.

From France to the World

After French groups and their worlwide entities, the finance management software in the CashSolutions line is attracting other companies throughout Europe and helps them optimise and secure payment circuits, for optimised communication and simplified access to financial information.

The CashSolutions range is comprised of the CashPooler collections and payments platform, the CashValue cash management system and the CashMatching account reconciliation software, all available individually.