(Cancelled) EACT Summit (Brussels) – 16-17 April 2020

by Alaina Roussel

(Event cancelled due to Covid-19)

On the occasion of the EACT Summit in Brussels (Belgium) on 16-17 April 2020, DataLog Finance will be a partner of the event in a workshop presenting the “cloudification” of corporate treasury. A strong trend in recent years, the shift of financial and treasury data to SaaS solutions hosted in the Cloud is becoming more and more widespread. This evolution is in line with the strategic and technical orientations of corporate treasurers and the willingness of CIOs to trust real experts in hosting, in order to obtain solutions that are secure and easier to maintain.

Imad Ben Mariem will be accompanied during this workshop by Arnault Gitzinger, Head of Group Cash Management at Eurofins Scientific, who has transferred his On-Premises TMS to the Cloud.

EACT Summit 2020
Brussels (Belgium)
Website: http://www.eact.eu/

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