What is the range of cash management software offered by DataLog Finance?

Within its Cashsolutions cash management range, DataLog Finance offers:

  • CashPooler, a full Web payment factory. CashPooler’s special feature is its unique workflow that can be fully customized for the validation and signature of orders and payment batches. Completely secure, this software also manages all SEPA Direct Debit Mandates (SDDs).
    Through its CashCom module, CashPooler integrates any forms of banking communication thanks to the support of all protocols.
    CashPooler also has a powerful mechanism for importing and exporting any type of files and can be interfaced with any upstream or downstream system. CashPooler can be easily integrated into the company’s corporate structure, in SaaS mode or in License mode.
    The access to CashPooler is easy, via a web browser. Other add-ons and modules can be added to CashPooler, making it a reference payment platform.
  • CashValue, an advanced cash management solution, for automatic account cash pooling, creation of liquidity reports and automatic accounting of entries in particular. A major cash management solution, CashValue can, like CashPooler, be customized with additional modules to meet the specific needs of large corporate treasurers.
  • CashMatching, bank reconciliation software, accepts a multitude of rules and scenarios. In particular, it allows the automation of matching of any type of entry, as well as a manual reconciliation, while taking into account the various instructions defined in the parameter setting, in order to reduce as much as possible the risks of reconciliation errors. CashMatching can be easily integrated into CashSolutions with CashPooler, CashValue or CashRisk.
  • CashRisk, a risk management software package for all types of transactions, enables the treasury department to manage all financial operations from A to Z (Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office and Accounting) by analyzing possible investment and related risks. CashRisk is compliant with the standards, regulations and processes defined by the Group.
    CashRisk leads to cash flow optimization, and offers high visibility of the group’s risks and operations, for increased productivity.
  • Treasury Line, smart TMS (Treasury Management System), with its Front to Back / to Book / to Payment approach, allows all the operations of all subsidiaries to be centralized while calculating and analysing the market risks for each instrument. Treasury Line is a powerful tool that allows you to go from one end of the treasury business chain to the other (from decision makers to accounting and control steps), and complies with current accounting standards.

Alongside the CashSolutions range, DataLog Finance offers complementary modules:

What are the technology models for Datalog Finance treasury software?

DataLog Finance has two operating modes for all its software:

  • the SaaS mode (software as a service) is the commercial operating model that offers the possibility of installing software on our own servers, allowing you to avoid any maintenance.
  • the licensing mode, with installation of software within your information system, whatever the technical choices of the company are.

What is DataLog Finance’s job?

DataLog Finance is a French Treasury software publisher. Created in 1997 and managed by Imad Ben Marien, the company publishes and markets its software to the treasuries of major groups. Our software is used worldwide by groups (France, USA, Germany, Norway…). DataLog Finance has a complete range of cash management solutions, interfacing with all ERP, accounting software, etc., on the market.

DataLog Finance, what does it represent?

DataLog Finance in figures:

  • the CashSolutions range is used in more than 70 countries by more than 14,000 users
  • billions of Euros are exchanged every day, representing more than one billion transactions a year
  • about 1/3 of all transactions in France go through CashSolutions products
  • DataLog Finance has around sixty employees in France, including fifteen J2EE engineers and twenty CashSolutions consultants.

How to contact DataLog Finance support?

Support contact is established via a ticketing tool, offered to any DataLog Finance customer.

How to establish a partnership with DataLog Finance?

DataLog Finance offers the possibility of integrating its network as a partner through a certification program for deployment missions of its solutions for companies of all sizes in France and Europe.

Whether you are a consulting firm or an experienced integrator with strong expertise in cash management software, your profile is likely to interest us.

What are the opportunities for collaboration at DataLog Finance?

DataLog Finance has 3 main areas of recruitment:

  • regular recruitment of experienced J2EE developers
  • treasury Management Consulting
  • internships and work-study contracts (apprenticeship, professionalization, internship…) for any profile.

You can send us a message here.

Where can I find documentation on DataLog Finance software?

To learn more about our cash management solutions, you can visit our website in the CashSolutions section or, if you are a customer, refer to the Help link in your software.  DataLog Finance also offers you the possibility to view its commercial brochures on CashValue (cash management) and CashPooler (Payment Factory).  Concerning our TMS (Treasury Management System), a site is dedicated to Treasury Line. For more technical or more detailed information, our sales department is at your disposal via the e-mail address websales@datalog-finance.com.

Does DataLog Finance participate in treasury-related professional meetings?

DataLog Finance regularly participates in cash management events in France, for example by sponsoring the AFTE (Association Française des Trésoriers d’ Entreprise, ie French Association of Corporate Treasurers) days or Universwiftnet. On the European scene, DataLog Finance is mainly present at events in Benelux and Germany. DataLog Finance also supports student events by sponsoring, for example, the 100% female crew of Les Loutres des Mers during the EDHEC 2017 Cruise Race.

How much does it cost to buy the CashSolutions suite or one of its software packages?

DataLog Finance advises its clients on the most appropriate solution for their needs. The cost depends on the parameters, requirements and volumes defined with the customer. For more information, please contact our sales department by email at websales@datalog-finance.com.

What is DataLog Finance’s geographical scope of intervention?

DataLog Finance is an international company. Our software is used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our physical interventions take place mainly on the European continent

Who are DataLog Finance’s clients?

DataLog Finance’s software is intended for all types of companies which need to manage large volumes of cash flow, accounts, banks, etc. DataLog Finance’s clients include IBM, Danone, Carrefour, Orange or Airbus Group.

Are DataLog Finance products translated into several languages?

Most DataLog Finance software are available in three languages: English, French and German.

What safeguards do you provide for data security and confidentiality?

Within our applications, there are various security mechanisms, including sealing and encryption. Sealing can detect any external changes to applications. Encryption, on the other hand, guarantees data confidentiality. In addition, we offer interfaces with other encryption/decryption tools for files that transit from the client to our applications.

Internal and external audits are frequently carried out to test for possible breaches and intrusion attempts. These audits are designed to detect and correct faults upstream. Prohibiting any risk of data piracy is one of the strengths of DataLog Finance.

Moreover, we sign confidentiality agreements with all our customers. For more information, send our sales department an email (websales@datalog-finance.com).