Photo Exhibition Sponsorship (Jardin du Luxembourg Railings)

by Alaina Roussel

To mark the centenary of the ILO (International Labour Organisation), DataLog Finance supports the exhibition “EtreS au Travail”, hosted by the Senate and its President Gérard Larcher, proposed and organised by the Association “Lumières sur le Travail” and by the students of the Professional Master’s Degree in Occupational Psychology and Ergonomics at the University of Paris Nanterre. The event brings together the works of 34 photographers from all over the world (23 countries – 4 continents), highlighting 57 professions through 80 photographs and texts by experts in the human and social sciences.

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DataLog Finance is the main sponsor of the “EtreS au Travail” photo exhibition

The exhibition is intended to put the human being at the centre of reflection on work and its future, thus opening the debate on workers’ rights in the world, on the importance of certain professions and their impact on people through points of view combining art, politics and the human sciences.

Course of the Event

Under the high patronage of Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labour, the event began on 16 March 2019 on the Grilles du Jardin du Luxembourg and ends on 14 July 2019.

Some photographs have a QR code to view videos presenting testimonies of men and women in their workplace, related to the work on display, to facilitate and complete the understanding of work-related issues.

cueilleurs professionnels dans une rizière vietnamienne

© Jean-Michel Turpin, Plantation du riz chez les Lolo noirs, Région de Cao Bang, Vietnam, 2015

In addition to the exhibition, the association “Lumières sur le travail” organizes a contest called “Focus on work” inviting photographers, including non-professionals, to share their photographs. 7 of them will be elected by a jury and exhibited during the event.

Cash management, software publishing… “Like any other” professions?

The professions related to the world of treasury management, software publishing, IT development and consulting, if compared to the activities presented on the occasion of this exhibition, do not seem extremely strenuous.
Nevertheless, the many technological advances, which have contributed to the overall improvement of working conditions, are also the cause of many psychological and physical disorders. Thus, the sedentary lifestyle induced by computerization exposes these populations to significant risks of musculoskeletal disorders (source of 84% of occupational diseases), increased stress and anxiety by a lack of physical activity and considerable responsibilities (treasury director, trader…).

In this context, impulses are being generated, including in the financial sphere ( for a ” responsible ” finance), which aim to put people back at the heart of the issue of working conditions.

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