Daniel Dahan’s Interview – Option Finance (Feb 2016)

Read below the interview of DataLog Finance’s sales manager, Daniel Dahan, in the magazine Option Finance (issue February 2016).

Daniel Dahan talks of the groups facing financial risks and introduces our sofware for managing financial operations (TMS – Treasury Management System), CashRisk.

Daniel Dahan Sales Manager DataLog Finance

Daniel Dahan, DataLog Finance Sales Manager

“Management of operations and financial risks by DataLog Finance”

In an environment where market volatility is a daily reality, managing financial risks is a major challenge for treasurers. For accompany them face this challenge, DataLog Finance has completed his financial result with a new financial operations management system.

What are the challenges companies face risks related to financial transactions?

Big companies now have constraints that are similar to those of banks in terms of transparency, indicators and regulatory compliance. They have regulatory obligations more onerous/demanding than before, especially related to IFRS standard for accounting for financial instruments and the EMIR regulation on OTC derivative agreement. To comply with these new regulations, they need to be more transparency with the market on all financial transactions, on their exposure to interest rate risk and liquidity in the publication of their accounts on the evolution of their results and their distribution between the part related to the operation and purely financial part.

How to better understand these constraints?

To effectively manage these new constraints, companies need to rely on risk management tools related to financial transactions which are similar to those traditionally used by banks. These solutions must be able to provide clear indicators so that they have a 360 ° view of their risk exposure, their way of managing and accounting for, and to comply with regulations. An approach that we have developed in our new solution for managing financial operations of funding, investment and management of interest rate risk and currency CashRisk.

What are the specifics of CashRisk?

It’s a complete tool front to book dedicated to key accounts with a broad functional coverage and instrumental. This software is particularly customizable without requiring specific developments. Available in license mode or SaaS, CashRisk is a 100% web product that integrates into any kind of technical architecture and deploys easily. Moreover, this solution includes an import / export module, real EAI, which allows interfacing easily with any other third party application. We have also adapted this solution to automatically effect the reconciliation market trade confirmations replacing Swift Agreement. It also includes many fully customizable enabling circuits (workflows) so that each company can trace in its entire process tool. Finally, we will have taken to the extreme automation of tasks related to financial transactions (STP).

What is the legitimacy of DataLog Finance on this market?

Since its creation in 1997, DataLog Finance has emerged as a cash management expert. For that, we continually invest in the development of own software to cover the entire functional spectrum of professions related to treasury. They are intended primarily to large multi-international companies or subsidiaries providing a large volume of transactions. DataLog Finance began by proposing a centralized payment solution (Payment and Collection Factory) dedicated. An offer we have completed over time and according to the needs of our customers and attaches where the cash management modules and, since 2015, financial operations. Today we’re providing businesses a full cash following a TMS (treasury management system) called Treasury Line, real ERP of treasury on which companies can install our modules at their own rhythm/pace on a framework/repository and an unique database. Guarantee of our legitimacy in the market, we count among our references most major/key French accounts, including Orange, EDF, Total, Carrefour, Engie or Airbus but also international companies like IBM.

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