Testimonial of Arnault Gitzinger: a TMS looking to the future (Lettre du Trésorier Magazine, February 2022)

Find below the translation of the answers given in February by Arnault Gitzinger, Product Manager at DataLog Finance, to the questions of the French magazine “La lettre du trésorier”.

Arnault Gitzinger, new TMS Product Manager at DataLog Finance, answers our questions. He talks about the treasurer’s job, his expectations and the new version of DataLog TMS.

You have just joined DataLog Finance as TMS Product Manager. Can you tell us more about your new position?

As a treasurer in various large companies, I have been involved in a number of specific treasury issues, including large-scale mergers and acquisitions and the related subsidiary financing and regulatory issues. After implementing a full TMS in my last position, I wanted to see the other side of the coin and get involved with a treasury management software company that was able to disrupt the market. I was seduced by the DataLog solutions that I used on a daily basis and that are continually evolving to meet the needs and challenges of tomorrow’s treasurer.

What are the priority features to Integrate or improve in a TMS like yours?

The priorities must match those of tomorrow’s treasurer! Our payment factory, Datalog’s historic offering, has always provided treasurers with a tool that is unmatched in terms of capacity and robustness. We are also convinced that the In-House Bank is a major challenge for the corporate treasurers, integrating subsidiaries natively into the Group’s processes, while allowing it to be adapted to the needs of each organization. We regularly develop new functionalities and financial instruments in order to complete our range in line with our clients’ needs. Our risk coverage process will be expanded this year to further meet recent demands.

We can add to this our will to make the treasurer even more productive thanks to a large number of automatisms present in the system and our artificial intelligence applied for cash forecast, in which some of our partner clients are participating with our Canadian subsidiary, but also sustainable financing (ESG), now a major concern for financial departments, and new functionalities tending towards real-time treasury.

You have just released a new version of your TMS. What new features does it contain?

Our version 4.3 is indeed released end of 2021, so our customers can already already benefit from, in particular in SaaS, of :

  • a dynamic reporting module now combined with new analytical reports;
  • a BAM / eBAM module, with automatic mail generation, modelable and multilingual;
  • a real-time cash position, with intraday with intraday processing;
  • a Risk module including an FX hedging factory, a hedging manager, collateral management;
  • a proven instant payment module…

as well as many other functionalities linked to new needs of our clients.

What will you be offering to treasurers in 2022?

We are currently developing partnerships with the treasury ecosystem, particularly in France. This will eventually allow us to integrate many Fintech APIs, which we are already doing in the areas of fraud and compliance with sanctions, while payment security remains at the heart of our our offering. 2022 will also see the release of a major new release, 5.0, on which we have been working for many months with our customers.

It will focus on User Experience and will be complemented by many new features which you will discover next months through our official communication channels official communication channels (LinkedIn, website…). This new experience aims to allow users to switch to an environment that offers more automation, personalization and visibility across the group.

Finally, our services will be further strengthened, particularly on an international international level with a 24/5 support.