Treasury Line TMS – Press Release 13/03/15

Corporate treasurers enter a new dimension with DataLog Finance

 Specialist provider of treasury software for large corporates DataLog Finance launches Treasury Line, its integrated solution for Treasury Management.

A market in need of a breath of fresh air

Most of current TMS solutions are based on ageing technologies or built from multiple subsystems more or less efficiently interconnected. As a result, such solutions are hard to maintain and have high TCO.

A global solution for corporate treasurers

Adding a new layer to its well established and widely used core system, DataLog Finance now introduces Treasury Line, a global Front to Back / to Book / to Payment solution for Treasurers that handles payments, liquidity and cash management, trade management, risk management and automated posting of all transactions. Monitoring and audit tools, such as PFE (Potential Future Exposure) or P&L Explain allow an analytic approach, which is one of the numerous differentiators of the product on the TMS market.

A packaged solution for better cost control

Designed to be highly customizable and thus meeting the needs and constraints of any type of organization without customer-specific development, Treasury Line is easily implemented at a low cost. In addition, an exclusive tool allows retrieving reference and transactional data from the current TMS and incorporating and verifying them directly in Treasury Line.

“We have built a solution to answer today’s needs while anticipating those of tomorrow. With Treasury Line, we are freeing Corporate Treasurers from specific developments, long and fastidious implementations” says Imad Ben Mariem, CEO of DataLog Finance.

About DataLog Finance

Creator of the first full-web payment factory CashPooler, DataLog Finance has been developing software for treasurers since 1997.

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