The Treasury Line scheduler allows you to define an action or a series of actions to be performed by the system on dates, days of the week, times, customized recurrence, etc., specifying exceptions, such as public holidays (according to a calendar).

list of scheduled tasks in the schedulersList of scheduled tasks in the scheduler

If the planned action is successful (or not), a sequence of actions can be triggered automatically by the system. For example, the planner can generate a netting report, then send a notification to a mailing list (e.g. the subsidiaries concerned by the netting) which will take note of this report. In all cases, a notification can be sent to one or more recipients to indicate the success or failure of the scheduled task.

In addition, a scheduled task can be modified (rhythm, succession of actions…), deleted or started manually.

Intended to automate at the most the execution of actions in the software package, the scheduler is delivered natively with many predefined tasks. It is possible to create new ones, according to the perimeter defined with the customer, and to use filters to limit the data to be processed within the planned task (ex: generation of a report limited to a region or a few subsidiaries).