For CFOs

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As CFO, it’s your job to make sure your company remains financially solvent. You need to track cash flow, take charge of financial planning, analyze your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and propose strategic action when corrections need to be made.

Treasury management for energy companies

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Treasurers in the energy sector juggle price volatility, rapidly evolving regulations, exposure to foreign exchange risk, and hefty investment amounts.

The Benefits of Datalog’s TMS


Make the right call with the right information

Get a real-time overview of your company’s exact cash, cash equivalents, and debt status any time you need it so that you can make well-informed decisions.

Control your payments

State-of-the-art encrypted communication technology provides a secure connection to your banks, giving you complete control over your payables and receivables.

Manage risk with precision

Navigate foreign exchange, operations, and changing business risks with great precision and keep your company’s treasury secure.

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