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Retail companies’ treasury teams face cash management challenges specific to selling to consumers.

Operations needs to manage incoming and outgoing cash carefully to ensure there is always enough available to pay the bills and keep business running today and in the future. Expenditure is high and continually rising, as inflation, supply chain issues, and socio-political volatility drive up the costs of labor, materials, and banking.

The Benefits of Datalog TMS

Control your cash

Maintain tight control over your cash and forecast into the future. Access bank statements, run bank reconciliations, see accounts payable and accounts receivable, leverage financial instruments, and mitigate FX risk—all on a single platform.

Track incoming and outgoing cash flow

Stay on top of upcoming bill payments for suppliers and past-due payment deadlines for customers. Track all incoming and outgoing cash, regardless of country, currency, or payment mode. Get your cash in and out, where it needs to be, on time. Our intelligent TMS can even perform automatic cash reconciliation when seasonal production and customer buying cycles complicate cash flow.

Get accurate cash forecasts

Between seasonality, price pressure, and inventory costs, you need full visibility over your company’s cash to avoid unpleasant surprises. With Datalog, you can make intelligent projections that help you spot risks and opportunities, allowing you to plan ahead and make strategic decisions accordingly.

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