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Auditors and government authorities are increasingly requiring companies to be vigilant about keeping a detailed paper trail of all their cash transactions and dealings with third parties. A secure TMS that meticulously documents and archives all your cash activity, with built-in checks and balances to protect you from becoming an unwitting accomplice or victim to money laundering and organized fraud, is longer just a “nice-to-have”—it’s a business must.

With Datalog, you can:

Implement payment approval workflows and monitor all points in your payment process where data could be altered.

Automate the creation and transfer of payment requests to and from the bank to lower the risk of fraud. (Fewer manual operations means third parties have fewer opportunities to change payment details, add non-existent vendors or falsify invoices.)

Collect and store detailed information about all your customers, suppliers, employees, and cash transactions to weed out fake transactions or suspicious activity.

Automatically record and archive all transaction information and related documents in your system, for a headache-free audit process when you need to produce proof of cash transactions.

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