Your all-in-one Treasury Management System

Centralize your treasury processes with the most comprehensive, flexible, and secure platform, built for any level of complexity.

More control, less effort

With a centralized view of your cash positions, advanced automation and AI, Datalog TMS takes the busywork out of reconciling accounts, calculating fees, and optimizing interest rates. You’ll masterfully manage cash flows, payments, forecasts, in-house banking, sophisticated financial instruments, and more.

Start anywhere, build as you go

Ready to modernize your treasury but don’t know where to begin? Select a TMS module that offers help where you need it most. Add on from there, gradually rolling out different modules with minimal disruption to your business, until you have a complete TMS that covers all your treasury needs.

Flexible architecture tailored to you

Connect seamlessly to any ERP, accounting, or IT system. Exchange account data with any bank, in any file format, automatically.

Configure your own rules and workflows to accommodate your unique corporate structure. Settings and modifications exist within the framework of our standardized platform. (This approach prevents issues that would require custom fixes during upgrades.)

AI and automation for the treasury of tomorrow

Harness the best of today’s machine-learning technology to generate advanced cash forecasts, reconcile actuals, and adjust projections to continuously improve accuracy.

Sophisticated algorithms offer unmatched visibility over your cash positions. Generate multiple what-if scenarios with minimal effort.

Best-in-class security

Rest easy knowing Datalog TMS comes with the same end-to-end encryption and security features used by the largest multinationals. Your financial data remains secure, and we support all global banking protocols, including SWIFT, EBICS, and Host-to-Host connections. Datalog is certified by ON-X cybersecurity experts and connected to global AML/CFT and anti-fraud systems, including Sis ID, TrustPair, Accuity, and Norkom.

“A key step in the fight against fraud is to work within a single system. If you have two systems, you have twice as much to protect; three systems means three times the work. With a centralized TMS, you secure your platform once and monitor one system across the globe.”

Imad Ben Mariem, CEO, Datalog

The autonomy of SaaS, the depth of experience

Scale up smoothly. As your business grows, our SaaS offering grows right along with you, handling any transaction volume, file format, or country-specific protocol you’ll ever need. Empower your team with an intuitive user experience and mobile device access (available for Android and iOS).


But Datalog isn’t new to the scene. For 25 years, Datalog TMS (formerly known as Treasury Line) has served as the backbone to complex global treasuries across a wide range of sectors.

It’s the best of both worlds: SaaS-model flexibility plus the superior functionality of a tried-and-true treasury-specific solution.

Smart compliance

Audits are easy, thanks to smart monitoring and automatic archiving of all treasury activities and other financial information. Datalog TMS meticulously documents transaction details and third-party dealings, with built-in checks and balances to protect your treasury department from becoming responsible for fraud.


Stay in compliance with changing laws, regulations, and industry standards automatically, whether it’s IFRS (accounting entries, hedge effectiveness tests, reports), EMIR, AML/CFT, GDPR, or ISAE 3402.

Ready to revolutionize your TMS?

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