Automated matching

Create unlimited criteria, rules and scenarios, and run bank reconciliations like a well-oiled machine. Log all reconciliations automatically and pull up any reconciliation report on demand.

Write your own reconciliation rules

For ultimate control and streamlined reconciliations, apply an unlimited number of parameters and criteria. Combine Boolean and mathematical operators to build 1:1 reconciliations, with or without aggregations, or reconcile one or more entries with one or more entries from another flow (one-to-many and many-to-one). The possibilities are endless.

Connect accounting and treasury activities

Track all your treasury activity, monitor cash at any entity, and stay perfectly aligned with your accounting partners. With native integration to the entire TMS, bank statements are accessed from a central repository, so information isn’t duplicated.

Keep your system flexible

Connect to any ERP, accounting or other IT system to retrieve detailed, global, real-time information about payables and receivables—all within the Datalog TMS platform.

Automatically consolidate information to eliminate errors and fraud risk on every transaction, for every entity, and for across the entire group. All types of accounting records are matched up automatically with any type of entry (bank statement or otherwise). As a result, you’ll get straightforward, accurate financial information in less time.

Our no-code workflow engine lets you add new bank formats and modify settings, rules, and workflows on your own, without waiting around for tech support.


Use data from each connected IT system to reconcile account transactions and pull the exact information you need via an easy-to-use import-export toolthat can handle any file format.


Process any volume of data, even extra large datasets, in minutes.

Accommodate all internal processes and procedures with an unlimited number of reconciliation criteria: one-to-one, many-to-one, and one-to-many, using Boolean or mathematical operators, to maximize the automatic matching rate. The application is simple to set up and easy to use for every employee across your organization.

Pre-schedule and complete the entire reconciliation process in a matter of days—or hours—to remove any risk of non-reconciliation, thanks to advanced parameters and native Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Partially automate the reconciliation process by running a pre-defined scenario, or opt for manual reconciliation in particularly complex situations.

Reduce the risk of manual error or fraud, from in-house and outside parties. Reduce your reliance on manual processes, but keep the possibility of manual reconciliation open for complex cases. With Datalog, you can process an unlimited number of transactions and integrate as many systems as you need.

“Datalog is an excellent solution for streamlining banking communications, in-house banking and cash management for large corporate treasuries,” says Emmanuel. “We are following with interest the evolution of Datalog’s products, including in the areas of reporting, business intelligence, risk management and user experience.“

Emmanuel Arabian, VP Financing and Treasury, SEB Groupe

“The Datalog team really listened, which allowed us to find the right solution for each of our challenges.“

Sylvie Faure, Forecasting Expert, Renault

“A web-based solution with visual mapping lets us make changes, test them directly within the system, and deploy them in 2 hours without a master’s degree in coding.“

Samer Sibahi, Head of Project Management and Treasury Systems

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