Publié le 26 March 2024

TMI Award for URSSAF Caisse Nationale’s TMS!

On March 10, 2024 at the TMI Awards, our client URSSAF Caisse Nationale was awarded the Silver Trophy for Best TMS Implementation.

Over a period of 3 years, URSSAF Caisse Nationale successfully implemented several modules of Datalog TMS, starting with Cash Management and concluding with Payment Factory and bank communication. As a structuring project for the institution’s digital transformation, the implementation of Datalog TMS was carried out in several phases, after an RFP, to replace the 15 proprietary systems that were outdated and poorly suited to evolve towards new procedures and optimized productivity.

Having everything centralised in the TMS is a significant improvement for us.

Omar Pazmiño

Considering that the organization manages more than 1500 billion euros of annual Social Security contributions, the success of this transition owes much to the flexibility of its teams, the business expertise, and the ability of Datalog’s teams to adapt to each client’s procedures, thanks in particular to Datalog TMS’ native parameterization engine that can handle any constraint without specific development.

Nous félicitons tous les intervenants de ce projet, côté Datalog, mais aussi côté URSSAF, particulièrement Loïc Girard et Omar Pazmino qui ont permis aux différents volets de cette aventure d’aboutir à une totale réussite.




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