Collection and payment factory

CashPooler, the first full Web payment platform, centralises all of a company’s financial transactions, so intra-group transfers can be rationalised, controlled and secured.

Adopted initially by major groups (IBM, Danone, Orange, EDF, etc.) and then by medium size companies, our payment platform is used in more than 70 countries by more than 14,000 users.

Bank communication

Integrating the CashCom bank communication module, CashPooler supports all protocols (SWIFTNet FIN, FileAct, Lite and service bureau, EBICS, X400, FTP, etc.) and formats used in exchanges with banks. For instance, all ISO 20022 file formats are supported, both outgoing (pain.001 v1 to 3, pain.008…) and incoming (pain.002, camt.054, camt.053…).

Orders included in the batch sent bank

Orders included in the batch sent bank

The ability to provide secure bank transactions is not CashCom’s only advantage. It can also recover statements of account and distribute them to users at times defined in the configuration.

Manages all financial flows

Natively capable of centralising payments and collections, the CashPooler software package manages all types of financial information flows:

  • vendor credit, HR, international, commercial, etc. transfers

  • cheques

  • LCR

  • direct debits

  • cheque deposits

  • statements of account

  • etc.

Equipped with an architecture proven with key accounts, the software absorbs unprecedented transaction volumes in the payment centralisation area. Indeed, several billion euros are exchanged daily by more than 4,000 entities.

Import and export any format

CashPooler’s import and export engine supports any data format and all types of files. It can construct the data repository quickly from any downstream application (e.g. accounting) and transfer the data to the information system’s upstream application (e.g. cash management).

Import-Export - List of recording formats

Import-Export – List of recording formats

For even more efficiency, CashPooler can be paired with other modules in the CashSolutions line. Benefiting from a unique data repository, the payment factory can be connected without additional configuration to the CashValue cash management solution, the CashMatching bank reconciliation module and the CashRisk interest rate and FX management software.

SEPA – SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) and Bank Transfer Mandates

CashPooler integrates SEPA reform with SEPA (SCT) transfers and SEPA direct debit (SDD) mandates natively. Consequently, DataLog Finance enabled all of its customers to transition seamlessly to this new standard before the cut-off date of 1 February 2014 (then pushed back to 1 August 2014).

The right software adapted to your needs

CashPooler is a comprehensive software solution that adapts completely to the needs of all sizes of groups and offers many advantages and alternatives:

  • SaaS mode (no installation on your premises) or License mode (fast implementation and installation adapted to any information system)

  • accessible via a simple Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox; etc.)

  • customisable workflow that adapts to a company’s internal procedures (validation, signature, sending to bank, etc.)

Additional modules

CashPooler can be completed by some payment factory additional modules, like eBAM and SEPA mandate modules, and the bank switching module for French entities.