Managing payments has never been easier

Automate, track and control payment operations—including batches, workflows, and intra-group transfers—across all global offices and subsidiaries, from one centralized system.

Seamless integration with your current systems

Adopt Datalog’s Payment Factory as a standalone solution, use it in conjunction with your existing systems, or combine it with other Datalog modules to form a complete TMS that covers all your treasury needs.

20,000 users
in 100+ countries

Join the ranks of Danone, Airbus, IBM, and many more treasury teams who use Datalog on a daily basis. Adopted by major international groups and mid-size businesses alike, Datalog’s Payment Factory (formerly known as CashPooler) is deployed in over 100 countries across approximately 20,000 users.


Any transaction volume can be absorbed. As a fully scalable solution, several billion dollars are exchanged daily among more than 5,000 entities.

Unlimited treasury activity, one centralized platform

Manage, batch, and authorize or reject any type of payment, between any two parties. Payments and collections to and from clients, suppliers, and in-house business entities are managed from the same user-friendly system.


Control the flow of financial information in any format, including:

  • payroll
  • direct debit
  • checks
  • bank fees
  • invoices
  • treasury transfers
  • vendor credits
  • international and commercial transfers
  • bills of exchange
  • statements of accounts
  • SEPA Direct Debits (SDDs)
  • SEPA Credit Transfers (SCTs)
  • bank transfer mandates


No matter how you want to process payments, Datalog’s Payment Factory makes it simple.


Thanks to flexible workflows, Datalog’s Payment Factory communicates easily with disparate, legacy accounting and ERP systems, and natively accommodates more international banking formats than any other solution on the market.


Datalog integrates seamlessly with all your existing systems, banking configurations and agreements, and well-refined processes for a painless deployment that won’t disrupt your operations. The system also includes a BAM and eBAM add-on (electronic Bank Account Management) to manage and streamline all your bank accounts and mandates.

✓ End-to-end data encryption

✓ Connected to global AML/CFT and anti-fraud systems Sis ID, TrustPair, LexisNexis, and Norkom

✓ Secure bank transactions using native banking protocols including SWIFT gpi, Host-to-Host, and EBICS

✓ SWIFT certified

✓ On-x certified

✓ DSP2 compliant

Datalog’s Payment Factory can import and export any file format used in banking transactions. We support:

✓ ISO 20022 file formats: outgoing (pain.001 v1 to 3 and pain.008) and incoming (pain.002, camt.054, camt.053, etc.)

✓ SWIFT MT and MX messages

✓ SWIFTNet FIN and FileAct

✓ SWIFT Service Bureau (SSB)

✓ Alliance Lite2


✓ Host-to-Host


✓ and any local standard or proprietary formats

Give your in-house team the ability to make changes to settings, rules, and workflows independently as you go—no IT knowledge necessary.


No more waiting for tech support to add a new bank account, designate a new signatory, or add a file format. Deploy changes autonomously in real time across subsidiaries, business units, or group wide.

By scheduling and automating payments, batching, workflows and bank transactions, your team spends less time on repetitive, non-value-added tasks like keying in entries or importing files manually. The time you save finally gives you the opportunity to sit down and analyze your data more thoroughly, so you can make more strategic recommendations.


  • Automatically import and distribute bank statements to predetermined recipients at designated times.
  • Manage and automate batch payments, based on any criteria.
  • Automatically optimize your DPO with an innovative scheduler that includes calculation rules, and optimizes working capital.
  • Automate and manage all payments, including payments-on-behalf-of (POBO) and collections-on-behalf-of (COBO).
“Datalog is an excellent solution for streamlining banking communications, in-house banking and cash management for large corporate treasuries,” says Emmanuel. “We are following with interest the evolution of Datalog’s products, including in the areas of reporting, business intelligence, risk management and user experience.“

Emmanuel Arabian, VP Financing and Treasury, SEB Groupe

“The Datalog team really listened, which allowed us to find the right solution for each of our challenges.“

Sylvie Faure, Forecasting Expert, Renault

“A web-based solution with visual mapping lets us make changes, test them directly within the system, and deploy them in 2 hours without a master’s degree in coding.“

Samer Sibahi, Head of Project Management and Treasury Systems

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