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Manage all your group's cash in a single treasury center

You need an accurate snapshot of your group’s global cash position, across all subsidiaries, on a daily basis. This means being connected to every account at every bank that your company does business with across the globe, and every ERP system at every subsidiary, so you can pull information about payables and receivables directly from their accounting systems and anticipate their needs or flag a surplus of cash.

With Datalog, you can:

Centralize and manage all your group’s cash in a single in-house treasury center

Get a comprehensive global overview of your company’s cash position at a moment’s notice

Provide a full range of banking services to your different subsidiaries, including payment, collections, cash, liquidity and risk management

Maintain a company-wide balance sheet

Facilitate intercompany transactions and bypass traditional banks

Borrow and lend money between subsidiaries and settle debts between different group entities

Make intra-group payments and transactions simpler and less costly

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