Management of Financial Operations and associated Risks (FX, rate, commodities…)

In an environment where the market instability is a daily reality, managing financial risks is a major challenge for the treasurers. CashRisk brings an obvious and efficient answer to reach such a target. Its brand new “front to payment” approach and the total separation between decision-making, administrative and control functions, CashRisk software give all the treasury actors a thorough, reliable and completely secured management of financial transactions.

Functional Scope

CashRisk manages:

  • the market operations
  • the treasury forecasts
  • the liquidities
  • rate, FX, commodities, and associated risks
  • the Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office jobs and relationships

The software package includes all the main market instruments (accounting, terms, derivatives, swap…) to meet the expectations and functions related to Front Office, Middle Office (Risks, P&L, EMIR compliance…) and Back Office (accounting and reportings) functions.

Details of a FX spot transaction

Details of a FX spot transaction

Governance and Compliance

CashRisk is designed with experts in treasury management, market operation management and risk management. It meets the following requirements:

  • compliance with financial and accounting rules and standards (IAS, IFRS)
  • respect of the tresaurers standards
  • risk prevention by simulation, test and evaluation
  • audit reports

Technology and Security

CashRisk is one of the CashSolutions modules and is designed, like the others, with the most advanced and robust technologies, and ensures:

  • security and traceabilité
  • connectivity and communication
  • automatization, workflows, straight throug procssing (STP)
  • unique database
  • a full Web solution, available in SaaS and in license
Example of a Loan Deposit workflow

Example of a Loan Deposit workflow


CashRisk covers a broad functional spectrum in a centralized solution based on a cutting-edge technology, standard- and rule-compliant . It enables and gives:

  • an increased visibility
  • the possibility to automate everything
  • an improved productivity
  • the cash flow optimisation
  • the management and hedging of financial risks
  • a total control and a full security
  • a simplified implementation and roll out
  • an integration in all Information System
  • rule compliance (EMIR, IAS, IFRS…)