All of the banking,
none of the fees

Set up and manage intra-group demands, transfers, POBO, COBO, loans, and other financial operations from one central cloud-based platform, which can be accessed by every business unit across your organization.

See your true cash position with
minimal effort

Connect to all your company’s ERP and other IT systems to get a detailed snapshot of each entity’s payables and receivables. Our web-based application can be easily set up from your head office and used by employees across the organization, with no need for on-site installation or outside tech support. Thanks to SaaS technology, everyone in your group can obtain reliable information about their internal cash position with minimal effort

Broker transactions between entities

Use information from your detailed overview to reconcile internal balance sheets, grouping, minimizing, and streamlining transactions between entities and subsidiaries to cut down on bank transaction fees and interest paid to outside lenders. Broker deals between business entities and pinpoint exactly where the cash in your group is at all times. Datalog takes all the complexity out of reconciliation and automatically calculates currency conversion rates.


Manage the accounts and relationships among subsidiaries by using specific intra-group management rules. Datalog’s In-House Banking module will enable you to:
– open and close accounts
– manage subsidiary financing requests
– set limits by subsidiary
– manage withholding tax
– fine-tune loans
– centrally manage hedging activities to limit risk exposure
– realize POBO (Payments On Behalf Of) and COBO (Collections On Behalf Of)
– manage current account positions

Invoices are automatically uploaded from your ERP or other transactional systems into Datalog’s In-House Banking tool, determining which invoices can be settled between subsidiaries (intragroup) and which need to be paid to an outside entity. The advanced netting feature simplifies intragroup compensation and automatically applies custom rules.

Manage financial disputes between companies across your group and, when necessary, generate automatic bank transfers, with no action required from the subsidiaries involved.

By simplifying and automating invoice payments, bank reconciliation, and money transfers, you cut down on the time spent on repetitive busywork at every level of your organization. Previously time-consuming tasks—such as uploading and approving payments, and matching invoices to payments—become quick and painless, thanks to advanced automation.

With Datalog’s In-House Banking module, you can rest easy knowing our solution is secure, stable, scalable, and trusted by global, industry-leading businesses.

“Datalog is an excellent solution for streamlining banking communications, in-house banking and cash management for large corporate treasuries,” says Emmanuel. “We are following with interest the evolution of Datalog’s products, including in the areas of reporting, business intelligence, risk management and user experience.“

Emmanuel Arabian, VP Financing and Treasury, SEB Groupe

“The Datalog team really listened, which allowed us to find the right solution for each of our challenges.“

Sylvie Faure, Forecasting Expert, Renault

“A web-based solution with visual mapping lets us make changes, test them directly within the system, and deploy them in 2 hours without a master’s degree in coding.“

Samer Sibahi, Head of Project Management and Treasury Systems

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