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As CFO, it’s your job to make sure your company remains financially solvent. You need to track cash flow, take charge of financial planning, analyze your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and propose strategic action when corrections need to be made.

You’re the CEO’s right hand when it comes to complex operations like M&As and IPOs, and you’re the guardian of the company’s cash, managing risk and ensuring the right resources are always exactly where they need to be, at the lowest possible cost.

It’s a high-pressure job and when you need reporting, you need it fast—and you need to be sure that it’s accurate and 100% complete.

Cash insights you can trust

Get accurate treasury data in real-time

Get up-to-the-minute treasury information instantly on an easy-to-read dashboard. Use the latest numbers to improve your group’s cash situation, support growth, and help the board make informed financial decisions.

Minimize errors

Incorrect data can have a significant impact on strategic decisions. Minimize data entry issues and other errors by importing your data directly from the source and automating repetitive tasks.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Consolidate all your data on a secure centralized platform with end-to-end encryption, protecting your independent affiliates from hackers.

Navigate cash volatility

Steer your company safely through foreign currency fluctuations, volatile political situations, and unexpected global events that can create sudden shortages and cash flow problems for any business.

Build a top-notch treasury department

Empower your treasury team with the tools they need to quickly, efficiently, and reliably deliver airtight information you can count on.

Become a better advisor

Offer sound advice and reliable updates on company liquidity to the CEO and the board of directors. Provide realistic projections that will help them make informed strategic decisions.

Spend your company’s cash wisely

Keep bank fees to a minimum and ensure that cash is used correctly and invested wisely in the eyes of shareholders.

Protect your company's financial data

Datalog's SaaS solution ensures that only designated users are able to read cash forecasts, while end-to-end encryption prevents confidential information from being hacked or sent to unauthorized parties.

Stay on the cutting edge of treasury technology

Adopted and endorsed by leading international groups, our SaaS treasury solution boasts a modern design and intuitive UX/UI that is guaranteed to turn even the smallest treasury department into a world-class team.

Solve your treasury management headaches

Tired of discrepancies between company cash reports and your group’s overall cash flow?

Frustrated by bad data, late corrections, and numbers delivered too late to be useful?

Ever been caught off guard because you made the wrong decision based on inaccurate or incomplete information?

Not confident in your spreadsheets and other manual data sources?

Ready to revolutionize your TMS?

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